Suzi Lacey brings a richness of experience to her work.  She has travelled the world, raised a family of children and dogs, ducks and a horse, lived in South Africa, worked as a journalist, writer, public relations director, teacher and artist.

She has studied fine art at the university level as well as learning from such renowned artists as Donna Dickson, Tom Dickson, Dale Eliot, Jim Kosvanec, Judi Betts and Lillias Apland. 

Lacey's work is based on classical principles but painted with joy and freedom of the spirit.

"My work is about seeing and capturing light.  Beauty, to me, is in the moment of light  on form, creating nuances of color, affecting edges, shape and, most of all, emotion. " 

The paintings on this website are all available either as original works or more affordable high quality giclee reproductions.  Suzi Lacey loves doing commissioned work and strives to keep prices affordable. 

"You can always talk to me about pricing because I want people to be able to afford what they love." 

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